How much does it cost to produce 3d animation?

If you have an idea and you are looking to find how much does it cost to produce your 3D animation, or If you’re going to have an animated video for your marketing strategy, you’re on the right page.

Let’s start by this example, Captain Underpants animation. Its budget was 38 billion dollars, and its time duration is 89 minutes. Let’s drop down 28 billion of the cost because it’s marketing, distributions of animation and also some voice actors! We just imagine very cruel here! So the rest is 10 billion dollar! By considering it, and the 89 minutes, the production of each minute is around $112000.
Captain underpants by Dream Works.

Captain underpants by Dream Works.

So what’s the cost come from? As we discussed earlier, we dropped down the cost of marketing, distribution and Voice actors, so what is left is relate to artists.
To produce animation we have this categories:

OK, after explaining the process, we know what the cost has come from. This is the way professional team and studio approach their project. Some artists or studio may work less on some part and create low quality result, some may do less detail on the model and animation. The better quality of course cost more.

Cube master animation studio, is a team who create nice quality animation video while keep the cost reasonable, not much cost like big studios! So if you have an idea and you want to create your own animation for your business, company ,organization or even personal usage and also If you are going to create training animation for your audience, or even if you are animation producer and you are looking for an outsource animation studio, feel free to contact us, give us your idea, and we can estimate the budget for your own case.

Cube master 3D animation services

Just as a note, one minute 3D animation would cost at least around 6k and would cost more even 100K as defined above! All relate to story, style and quality. Of course if you want a simple animation for example creating a 3d model and present a simple product, that would cost much less.

If you have any question or for collaboration, feel free to contact us using contact form of website.
Thank you!

Hadi Kiani/Head of production at Cube animation studio 

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