What’s Benefit of HSE animation?

Let me start with real life accident! We all know and we hear workers Injury with a lathe, Falling from a height, Heavy objects falling on employees, oil refinery explosion and gas line explosion cause heavy Financial and personal losses.

How we should reduce this accident? Yes, by train workers and engineers about the rule of health, safety, and environment. But what’s the best way? Of course video and visualization is much more effective than the words.

By creating and using HSE 3D animation, it’s possible to simulate and recreate the real accident and show the best way to make a safe situation.

It’s possible to simulate and visualize the accident which is not possible to do again. Just imagine if an oil refinery explode? Who you can show it exactly to workers and anyone? But of course, it’s possible to do it by using CGI and create 3d animations and also VFX/visual effects.

For example, let’s take a look at below video that we create for a petroleum company. We show very realistically what will happen by doing a mistake! its showing some behind the scene so you understand that its simulation.

[tx_youtube youtube_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYFr70f4JP8″ width=”” controls=”1″ autoplay=”0″]

At above video, after recording video based on scenario, we added explosion , smokes etc by using CGI method.

This is very dangerous to Film or Demonstrate in Real Life and it’s almost not possible to do it again.

It’s possible to create the shot of video from all around and any view.

Show very small part or invisible part which is not possible to see in real. Let’s assume there is gas or a Chemical and molecular reaction, it’s not possible to see it or do film record, But it’s possible to show them in 3D animation very clearly.

It’s possible to highlight and focus on some area and issue to bold it and apply voice and comment on it.

By using 3D animation it’s possible to create HSE training very clear.

Also if you are a company that create product for the safety of worker and stuff, it’s very good to present your product by using 3d animation. To show how it’s make the safety of personnel when they use your product and how will happen if they not!

There are many scenario and many ways to show HSE 3D animation realistic with high-quality and also interesting, so viewer like to see and learn more for their own safety and benefit of factory!

Cube master 3D animation studio create realistic 3D simulation and accept to create 3D animation series for the safety. We provide 3d animation for HSE learning based on your scenario and script. There is no limitation and we can visualize your imagine!

If you have any question or would like to have discussion, feel free to contact us using email or contact form of website.

Thank you!

Hadi Kiani/Head of production at Cube animation studio 

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