Why using Industrial Animation

Thousands of words can’t do what a second of video do! Assume you are going to explain a part of system which is not visible, how it’s possible to show it to client? Or let’s assume your factory have a plan to develop some parts which not constructed yet, how it’s possible to explain your plan very well and justify investors? Hopefully it’s possible to simulate and create 3D model and 3D animation of invisible part of system, and also create any new site of your company which is not constructed yet!

Above picture is a frame of 3d animation we created for a steel company. We done it only based on 2D planes and also technical information of engineers. This site were not constructed yet and their ground were empty, but by this way they have very clean video which show what will be result exactly and how they produce their products.

In addition to that, it’s possible to create 3d animation to train your client how to use your device. It’s possible to slice product to show what is inside it. Just imagine you are going to show molten material inside the furnace! The way is to simulate it and create 3D animation for it. Everything which is not possible to show in real, is possible to show in animation. If you are going to show Molecular or if you decide to show a big area of your company, all is possible in industrial 3D animation.

Regard the cost of animation, it’s all relate to your needs, it’s not possible to say a fix price for a time duration. As it’s relate to style, quality, details, environment, characters, etc. I suggest you take a look at our article about cost of animation at this page: How much does it cost to create 3D animation?

Our team cube animation studio, is available to collaborate with you to create your own industrial animation. We can work remotely and accept producing animation from all over the world. By using your technical info and your references we will create high quality and realistic industrial 3D animation for you and based on your needs.

So if you have any idea or questions, please feel free to contact us by using contact form of website or email.

Thank you!

Hadi Kiani/Head of production at Cube animation studio 

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